AweSTEM People Form

Concepts in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) taught in grade school are important for fostering a society that values scientific literacy. Why is this important? STEM skills prepare kids and students to think critically, to problem solve, to observe, and to make logical, educated decisions in other aspects of life. While there are certainly more people and jobs in STEM today than there were decades ago, there is definitely more we can do to inspire others, adults and kids, to have an interest in STEM.

The AweSTEM People project is my way of sharing stories from people in STEM across the globe and to inspire others to learn more about science and technology. As a chemist-turned-artist, I'm interested in the expansion of STEM to STEAM (A for art), where art injects creativity and visualization into the scientific process. Therefore, anyone selected to participate in this project will receive a product from Circuit Breaker Labs to promote STEAM. 

If you are or know an AweSTEM person, encourage them to share their work using this form. Specific details pertaining to the feature are detailed under the form. 

 AweSTEM Form


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