ADD-ON UPGRADE: Filter Pocket and/or Nose Wire for Pleated Masks

ADD-ON UPGRADE: Filter Pocket and/or Nose Wire for Pleated Masks

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This listing is NOT for a mask. Use this listing to add features to your pleated masks. Fitted masks already come with a filter pocket and one nose wire so you don't need this upgrade for your fitted masks, unless you want to order additional nose wires. 

Add a pocket and/or nose wire to your pleated mask for a custom fit. These additions may add an additional business day to the production time of your mask. If you need a mask ASAP, purchase a ready to ship mask with no pockets. 

Pocket option:  Add an opening across top of your mask to easily insert your own filter. Open edges are double rolled and all raw edges are sewn in to prevent fraying. Addition of pocket alters dimensions of the mask to approximately 5-3/4 x 8-1/4 inches. Filter is not included, please refer to CDC for guidelines on filter options. 

Nose Wire: This 3" aluminum strip comes with adhesive so you can just stick it on to your mask and adjust for comfort. Nose wire will ship with, but not on the mask, so you can install it yourself to your liking. 

Purchase Instructions

  • Add at least one of my pleated masks to your cart.
  • Add the combination of nose wire and pocket add-ons you want. 
  • Use the text box at checkout to indicate which mask(s) are to have pockets if the number of pocket upgrades does not match the number of pleated masks ordered.
  • You can purchase nose wires without purchasing a mask if you need replacements or want to add to your existing masks

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