Summer Clearance Sale - Grab Bag Style

Summer Clearance Sale - Grab Bag Style

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These grab-bag styled packages of handmade circuit board products are awesome for stocking stuffers! At these prices, you're saving up to 85% off regular prices!

To order, choose the product category and the bundle quantity from the drop down menus. You'll receive a randomized assortment based on the category. So if you order a ten pack of Misc Accessories, you'll receive ten randomly selected items in random colors from that category only. 

Product Categories: 

Necklaces: silver plated pendants, copper necklaces, heart necklaces, and vintage style necklaces

Masculine Accessories: cufflinks, tie clips, and tie tacks

Other Jewelry: earrings with sterling earwires and bracelets (copper, brass, and silver plated)

Misc Accessories: badge reels, bottle opener keychains, and keychains


Bundle Quantity: Single item, Five Pack or Ten Pack


About Clearance items:

- Items from within each product category will be randomly selected. Due to availability, I can't take requests for colors or specific items. 

- Items will come with any needed hardware (for example, keychains will come with keyrings and necklaces will come with a chain)

- Items are packaged in little zip bags for protection. These are not gift boxed. 

- Items are made of electronic waste, so materials represented include *mostly* circuit board, resistors, capacitors, keyboards, and wires. 

- Items end up in clearance for a number of reasons including: it sat around too long, it has a less interesting pattern, it's crooked, it has an imperfection in the resin or metal, the product was discontinued, and other reasons. Everything is fully functional but was deemed inappropriate for sale at full retail price. Sometimes an imperfection will be noticeable, and sometimes there isn't anything aesthetically wrong either. 

- Since these are clearance items I cannot accept refunds HOWEVER I want you to be happy, so if you have any issues with what you've received, please let me know and we'll work something out. 

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